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Sunday, 26 March 2023 Time: From 6pm

This show has now sold out for all its performances.


During the period from 20th March till 27th May 2023, there will be roadworks taking place in Shaw Street. The effect of these will be minimal. However, traffic may be slower and there will be no on-street parking from William Henry Street to College Street North. You may wish to factor potential delays into your travel arrangements to attend this event. 


This performance takes place in the Cornerstone Theatre (COR 001) at Liverpool Hope University's Creative Campus, 17 Shaw Street, Liverpool L6 1HP. Five one hour long promenade performances take place at 6pm, 6.15pm, 6.30pm, 6.45pm and 7pm. If you are attending it is essential that you book a ticket for the performance you wish to attend at the website. Audience members should arrive no later than 5 minutes before their allocated time slot. Audiences who are late to their time slot will not be allowed to enter.


"Curtains indicate an attempt to protect your inner world, and a fear of the unknown 
The denser the curtains in a dream, the more a person is afraid of tomorrow."

Somewhere beyond the darkness, through the velvet curtains, there lies an unseen and mysterious realm - a place where the domestic has formed new life; where pillows talk, teacups clink in bitter jealousy, the wallpaper dances and the promising light of The Lamp leads the way. 

We are all looking for the light. 

For one night only, you are cordially invited to join the search, and step inside. Please select an object from your home that you would like to connect a little deeper with and bring it with you. Perhaps something you don't understand (like an uncomfortable pillow) or something you have a long and complicated relationship with (like a piece of cutlery). 

This is an immersive, interactive performance. Your presence is vital. Please expect to participate and travel with the performance, only accept this invitation if willing to do so.

Age limit 15+

Show duration: 1 hour



Written by Izzie Major
Devised by Izzie Major, Craig Sinclair and Sarah Gould
Design by Alex Herring
Photos by Andrew AB
Created with support from Liverpool Hope University and Metal Liverpool


Space is accessible for wheelchair users. Company can provide a touch tour in advance of the performance for visually impaired audiences, please give two days notification. If you have accessibility requirements, enquiries or need help booking contact:

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