The Umbrella Project

Angel Field Festival 2023: The Umbrella Project

Friday, 24 March 2023 Time: 5pm

This exhibition takes place in the foyer of The Capstone from 24th March -1st April.


The School of Creative and Performing Arts is committed to improving the learning and working experience of staff and students with neurodiverse conditions. In this effort, the University is supported by the ADHD Foundation and their CEO, Dr Tony Lloyd.

As part of the 2023 Angel Field Festival, the University is proud to present the Creative Campus Umbrella Project which will be exhibited in the foyer of The Capstone. Many UK City Centres have hosted Umbrella installations over the past few years, such as Liverpool, Aberdeen, Cardiff and Cheltenham.

The Umbrella Project at the Creative Campus is highlighting the theme of neurodiversity that runs through the Angel Field Festival programme, starting with ADHD – The Musical in Concert on 24th March 2023.


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