Florence Acousmatic Music

Florence Acousmatic Music

Friday, 8 March 2024 Time: 9pm

NB: This concert takes place in the Cornerstone Theatre (COR 001) at Liverpool Hope University Creative Campus, 17 Shaw Street, Liverpool L6 1HP)



Luca Mucci - Cénra (2023) - 6’46”
Lorenzo Niccolai - Black Box (2023) - 7’
Simone Faraci - Un giardino improvviso (2020) - 10'
Xinyue Yang - Luan chao (2023) - 4’54
Lelio Camilleri - Arrivals/Departures (2021) - 8'58''
Francesco Giomi - Scabro (2011) - 8'05''
Giulia Franchino - Landlay (2023) - 5’09”
Sara Montagni - C.R.A.C. (2022) - 7’42”

Total duration 58'


Florence, a city known throughout the world for the richness of its artistic heritage, experienced a second renaissance in numerous arts in the twentieth century. In this context, in the second half of the century, Florence was an interesting central location for the meeting between music and new technology. In the 1960s, the cellist Pietro Grossi began experimenting with the use of the first computers in sound applications and from this interest he founded the first academic course in Italy for the study in computer music at the Conservatory of Music of Florence.

A few years later, in 1982, the composer Luciano Berio founded Tempo Reale in Florence, a center for research, production and musical education. Already in the early years of its foundation, the center carried out extensive research work for the creation of new tools for live electronics and participated in the production of numerous contemporary works, including some by Berio himself.

This concert presents a series of recent acousmatic works coming from this reality and whose purpose is to outline a cross section of this educational path, of the professional environment and of the cultural heritage of the city of Florence.


NB: a combined ticket for this concert and the concert earlier that evening (Fri 8th March 2024) at 7.30pm 'Roberto Fabbriciani: A Tribute to Luigi Nono' can be purchased via Ticketquarter for £16.50 (incl bf)


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