Hillsborough: One Boy's Story of a Tragedy

Friday, 12 April 2024 Time: 7.30pm

Embark on an emotional journey in our new play, depicting the fateful day at Hillsborough Stadium in 1989, Seen through the eyes of fictional character, Frankie. Follow Frankie and his family's poignant tale of grief and resilience as he navigates the aftermath of a tragic FA Cup football match. Unveil the events leading to that heart-wrenching moment in this touching exploration of grief, acceptance, and hope.


Based on the published book by Shaun Millea, now adapted by him to the stage and produced by Kevin Roach and directed by Zara Marie Brown, you are invited to join us at the Capstone Theatre for an evening of thought provoking and moving tale. All profits raised from merchandise and ticket sales will be supporting the ‘Hillsborough Educational Campaign’, which aims to supply all schools with a copy/copies of Shaun's book, '‘Hillsborough When Will Dad Be Home?’ One Boy's Story Of A Tragedy''

This has been a work of passion for Shaun. Shaun was born, lives and works in Liverpool, and he wrote his story so that future generations can understand what the Hillsborough Tragedy means to the people of Liverpool. Shaun's dream is to educate, and hopefully help to put a stop to ALL tragedy chanting for all football clubs who have suffered tragic events in their past. The story is also dedicated to his ‘little mate’ from the 1970s Stephen Copoc who, although they had lost contact with each other, was still one of their gang from Garston.

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