Empress and Me

Liverpool Confucius Institute presents The Empress and Me

Saturday, 9 March 2024 Time: 2.30pm
Presented by Grist to the Mill and Red Dragonfly Productions
Written and Directed by Ross Ericson
Performed by Michelle Yim

Based on the amazing true story of the Princess Der Ling who, as the daughter of a Chinese Diplomat and Eurasian mother, was raised in France to be every bit the Victorian Lady only to find herself, when her father is recalled home, living in the Forbidden City and entangled in the politics of the Chinese Court as lady-in-waiting to the infamous Empress Cixi. Just who is Lizzie Yu? Does she really know? A story of one woman's search for identity in an ever-changing world. From the team behind The Ballad of Mulan and The Unforgettable Anna May Wong.

'It is such an engaging show that manages to fit in a lot of social history in a really easy and enjoyable way.’ -  Marianne Noble, University of Aberdeen

'Full of ambition, politics and cultural tension' -  ???? Adelaide Theatre Guide

'Michelle Yim is a winning performer.' -  The Stage 

'It is the message the audience takes away that is powerful... of a woman who is trying to find out who she really is in multiple cultures but in which she feels she doesn’t really belong.’ - Stage Whisper

'An interesting journey to an unfamiliar place, and an enjoyable insight into a remarkable tale.' - FringeGuru 

'An engaging manifestation of a fascinating woman who was clearly mistress of her own destiny in defiance of her times and culture' -  Broadway Baby

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