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Polypores / Field Lines Cartographer / Lo Five - Electronic Music Triple Bill

Thursday, 26 October 2023 Time: 7.30pm

The Capstone Theatre presents a triple bill of electronic music from an exciting trio of artists heralding from the North West of England; Polypores, Field Lines Cartographer and Lo Five.

From the bucolic drift of 2019's Flora, or the jagged fever-dream timbres of Chaos Blooms, Stephen Buckley's Polypores project has never ceased to innovate, weaving intricate textures and motifs into effortlessly anxiolytic electronic music for some of the most respected labels in the electronic music sphere including (but not limited to) Castles In Space, Polytechnic Youth, Woodford Halse, DiN and Frequency Domain. It’s not just via recorded medium that we get an insight into the Polypores world though, with his live performances ranging from highly textural modular synth tapestries, slowly unfurling into threads of sound (and cleverly woven back together again), to nigh-horizontal mesmeric drone monoliths and meditative simmering sound baths wrought through a baffling array of hardware synths and effects.

In Field Lines Cartographer’s world there is no rush, no hurried resolutions or hasty developments. In fact Mark Burford has been meticulously crafting an impeccable body of work that revels in gradual imperceptible shifts and slow-burning realisations, for some years now. From the chimeric Dreamtides for Castles In Space, rich with atmospheric intensity and nebulous melodic turns, to the insectile mystery and skittering echoic arpeggios of Formic Kingdom for Woodford Halse, or the stunning Tone Maps for fledgling imprint Quiet Details, Burford’s music is intensely emotive and unfathomably deep. While the textural detail inherent in all of FLC’s work carries through to his jawdropping live show, his performances are mostly stripped back to a couple of hardware synthesisers, effortlessly mixing analogue and digital in a masterclass of restraint and balance, earning him a much-lauded repeat appearance at Levitation festival in Whitby, a spot at DiN’s Tone Science live show at the Capstone Theatre in Liverpool and Werra Foxma’s upcoming show in Derby.

Lo Five is the experimental melodic ambient handle of Neil Grant, a Wirral-based producer who specialises in heavily textured tape-worn beat-heavy soundscapes, which refer to an ongoing interest in human consciousness and spiritual enlightenment. Including previous releases on Castles in Space, Miracle Pond, Upitup and Patterned Air, Lo Five has two records scheduled for release on Castles in Space in 2023. Neil is the founder of Emotion Wave, an ongoing collaborative project which is primarily involved with releases and events designed to showcase underground electronic artists.

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