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The Mighty Goddess

Wednesday, 8 November 2023 Time: 7.30pm

This performance is for ADULTS ONLY - contains graphic content


Stories, spells, songs performed by Sally Pomme Clayton

The myths of the goddess are subversive, outrageous, familiar, unknown, forgotten - spectacular! Pioneering storyteller Sally Pomme Clayton evokes powerful goddesses, meet: Vesta the fiery virgin warrior; Cybele, the mother goddess who fathered a child; Ishtar, Goddess of love and war, who journeys to the Land of the Dead. Follow the goddess from creator to crone in tales of lust and greed, death and destruction, transformation and rebirth. Pomme brings ancient myths to contemporary life with dynamic spoken word, musical sounds, gestures, ritual, spells and songs. And offers the audience a chance to receive a message from the goddess's oracle! Do you dare to take part! The Mighty Goddess is for ADULTS ONLY  - and contains some graphic content.

The stories are drawn from Pomme's latest book The Mighty Goddess (The History Press 2023) a collection of 52 goddess myths that mixes myth and art with 52 fabulous papercuts by artist Sophie Herxheimer.

"Fiery, thrilling, powerful storytelling," - Bloomsbury Festival

"No book hits the zeitgeist more accurately than this. With every tale we are encouraged to think. With every tale comes a reckoning. They stretch across the world and show love, anger, revenge, rape and repentance, tiny jealousies and fathomless compassion." - Facts and Fiction

"Virtuoso storyteller, Sally Pomme Clayton has that rare gift of being able to transport the listener to other worlds by completely inhabiting those worlds herself. Her stories are full of colour and she uses language like a painter. Her telling goes through the skin, and settles deep in the marrow of the listening bones – a wondrous experience." - Venue Magazine

"Sally Pomme Clayton is a gifted storyteller who can bring  the wonder  of the most powerful stories from the past to life for audiences of any ages." - The Guardian

"Londonist has been lucky enough to see her in action: the awestruck faces, delighted giggles, eyes wide in wonder … and that’s the adults in the audience!" - The Londonist

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