Wild Tending

Wild Tending

Sunday, 10 March 2024 Time: 7pm

NB: This event takes place in the Cornerstone Theatre (COR 001), Liverpool Hope University Creative Campus, 17 Shaw Street, Liverpool L6 1HP.


Wild Tending’s Ceremony and the Feminine
A Performance with Dr Alice Colquhoun

In this piece Alice Colquhoun works with ceremony and performance to find ways to interact with the non-human world, producing emotionally transformative events for audiences through song, ritual action and participatory performance.  Wild Tending’s Ceremony and the Feminine is an  interactive ceremonial performance that celebrates our yearning for rites, and connection to the land - where a non-human spirit of the feminine tends to injuries, in shadows and radiance.

This is an interactive performance and performance members will be expected to join in a simple ritual as part of the performance.

'Alice brings humour, levity and celebration to her roles as well as grounding and moving audiences in important interactions. Her improvisation skills are incredible, as well as her experimental use of her voice. Her knowledge of the ritualistic means she is able to use sacred rhetoric in a poetic, sensitive and respectful way and dazzle audiences' - Izzie Major, Director of Curtains, Curtains Curtains (Angel Fields 2023)

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