Wild Visions

Wild Visions, Untamed Myth

Thursday, 7 March 2024 Time: 7.30pm

Sponsored by Elanthy


Created and performed by storytellers Katy Cawkwell (“Compelling and gripping”  - Everything Theatre) & Lucy Lill (“Delightful and charismatic” - Time Out).

A double helping of ancient myth that sets the women firmly centre stage. Plunge into the wild world of the goddess Artemis: an ecstatic encounter with the Dawn, a moonlit path that leads to transformation and a dilemma that maybe only the audience can solve… Then meet Kassandra, blessed with the power to see the future, cursed with never being believed: urban, dark and devastating.

Join them on a path less trodden, as they go hunting in the wild places and raking through the ashes of a fallen city to bring you epic tales of women taking their power whatever the consequences.

Audience responses: 
"Wow! What a brilliant, feminist take on these old stories!"
"Dazzling. I loved the exploration of desire and sex and wildness."
"What a fabulous show. I loved every minute. Flipping brilliant!"

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